Peanut Butter, Wildflower Honey and Sea Salt by Big Spoon Roasters, 13 oz. jar


Big Spoon Roaster's delicious Peanut Butter with Wildflower Honey and Sea Salt. Sold by the 13 oz. jar.

A little about Big Spoon Roasters: "Big Spoon Roasters sources ingredients from only trusted, transparent farms and producers that share our philosophy. We are honored to work with a number of like-minded organic growers and food producers, and we all help each other by collectively growing the demand for higher quality, sustainable agriculture. We also proudly work with Bee Friendly Certified almond growers in California; pecan farmers in Georgia; ginger farmers in Fiji; sorghum farmers in Tennessee; and many more talented food producers we consider partners in a mission to set new standards for ingredient integrity, flavor, and freshness."