We are open Daily 8am-7pm (Sunday 8am-6pm)

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Why am I not able to order online?

Answer: Online Orders for Pickups and Deliveries are unavailable until after Labor Day. Please shop in our store Daily 8am-7pm (Sundays 8am-6pm).

Please place your Catering, Cake and Flower Orders by calling Russo's Catering at 617-719-4107. 

Question: Where are you located?

Answer: 560 Pleasant Street, Watertown, Massachusetts


What is your telephone number?

Answer: (617)923-1500


Question: What are your store hours?

Answer: 8am-7pm Monday-Saturday (8am-6pm Sundays)


Question: What are your fees for Curbside Pickup and Delivery?

Answer: We offer Free Curbside Pickup with a $40 minimum order and Free Delivery with a $75 minimum order.


Question: What days are Curbside Pickup and Delivery Available?

Answer: Curbside Pickup is available Monday, Thursday and Friday 9am-1pm. Delivery is available Monday, Thursday and Friday with a delivery window of 11am-5:30pm.


Question: What are Russo Boxes?

Answer: Russo Boxes are an assortment of Russo's finest fresh fruits, vegetables, baked goods, cheeses, flowers, plants and more available for pickup outside of our store. We have the Big Box, Basic Box, Vegan Box and many others to choose from.


Question: May I add to my Box? Or may I order a custom box by selecting my own items and create my own box for curbside pickup or delivery?

Answer: Yes! Simply shop our online store for your favorite Russo's items. 


Question: How do I/where do I/when do I pickup my Russo Box?

Answer: Pay Online. Pick up in our Parking Lot. We put in your trunk!

How it works:

After purchase online, you will receive an email receipt with a confirmation order number. You must have this order number for Russo Box pickup on your scheduled date.

Russo's is located at 560 Pleasant Street in Watertown. Please drive to our East Side Parking Lot (the side with our flagpole) during this time and date you selected. Please have the order number ready for when you arrive in line, then we will place your RUSSO BOX in your car. Ideally, you will have the following posted in your window so that you do not need to roll down your window: Name, Order Number, Type of Box(es), Pickup Date. Be sure you arrive on the correct pickup date or you will not receive your RUSSO BOX.


Question: My wife is very organized and ordered the Russo Boxes and wrote the Order Number, Box Pickup Time and Box Types on a piece of paper for me to place in our window for pickup. I left that paper at home. Do I still need an order number?

Answer: Yes


Question: I forgot to add an item to my online order. Is it possible to add something to the order?

Answer: If you want to make an addition to a custom box order, please email us directly at russos@russosboxes.com 

Please include your order number in the email subject, then list the item and quantity in the email. We will do our best to accommodate your change (we usually need 24-48 hours), then we will email you an updated invoice IN A SEPARATE EMAIL WHICH YOU MUST PAY OR YOUR ORDER WILL NOT BE PROCESSED.


Question: I do not see an item on your online store but really REALLY want it. Is it possible to add something to your online offerings?

Answer: Sometimes we forget to add an item to the store and sometimes we cannot add items to the store for a variety of reasons. Simply email us with your request to russos@russosboxes.com 

Write "Online Item Request" in the subject of your email and we will do our best to accommodate your request in the near future. 


Question: Are add-ons available to Russo Boxes?

Answer: Yes, you may add items from our online store.


Question: Would it be possible to make a change or substitution for my Russo Boxes?

Answer: There are no changes or substitutions to Russo Boxes available at this time.


Question: Should I check my Russo Box before I drive home?

Answer: Absolutely! Please pull into a parking spot and give it a look.


Question: My Box is missing an item. What should I do?

Answer: Come right back! We will give you the missing item!


Question: My Box has an item which is not quality I expect from Russo's. What should I do?

Answer: Come right back! We will replace the item!


Question: I am missing an item (or have an item which is not the quality I expect from Russo's) but cannot return today to pick it up. May I receive it when I pick up my next Box?

Answer: Yes! Please let us know when you return and we will get it for you. If you prefer, you may add a note in your window (for example: "I am missing ginger from last week's Juice Box, please add it today") to your Pickup information, too.


Question: I am missing an item but cannot return today to pick it up. May I return to pick it up another day this week?

Answer: Yes! Please come between 9am-5pm. If no one is outside in the Russo Box Pickup area, please call 617-923-1500 and someone in the office will be able to help.


Question: When we arrived at Pickup, you did not open our trunk. Why?

Answer: Per Board of Health rules, we are not allowed to touch your vehicle. You must open and close your own trunk. We will stand back to give you space to get out of your car. If we are not giving you enough space to make you comfortable, please let us know and we will stand back further. It is challenging to communicate wearing masks but we will all do our best to keep each other safe. Please respect our space, as well.


Question: Do you ever make substitutions?

Answer: On occasion, we might need to make a last-minute substitution due to product availability. We are doing our very best during this challenging time for all of us.


Question: Are you a nut free or allergen-free facility?

Answer: No, we are not a nut free or allergen-free facility.


Question: May I cancel my order?

Answer: All cancellations must be done at least 48 hours before your scheduled pick-up time.


Question: Are you prices online the same as in your store?

Answer: Not always. There may be some differences between the online price and in store price.


Question: How do I prepare my Russo's Pizza?

Answer: There are many ways to cook your own Russo's Pizza. Here is how we make our pizza at home:

Let the dough sit on the counter for an hour before you spread it- that will allow it to arrive at room temperature gently before you start to manipulate it. Add some olive oil to the dough, then gentle spread it out on a pan (a cookie sheet is great and the dough will eventually spread to cover almost the entire sheet).
Preheat the oven to 400. Once the dough is spread, add the sauce, cheese and toppings. We like to grate parmesan on our pizza atop the toppings. We added the parmesan for this purpose (and to sprinkle on your salad).
We like to cook it for 12 minutes, then check on the progress. If your oven heats quickly, 15 minutes is usually a good amount of total baking time, but sometimes 20 minutes is better. Keep checking so it doesn’t burn.
Let it cool. Then eat.
We add some the basil for the last few moments of baking in the oven, plus we sprinkle it fresh when it comes out of the oven.
Question: May I freeze my pizza dough?
Answer: Yes!
Question: I have a question that has not been answered. What do I do?
Answer: Please email us at  Russos@russosboxes.com
Someone will reply to you within 24 hours (but usually much sooner).
You may also call (617) 923-1500 between 9am-5pm Monday through Friday.