This week's Farmer Focus: Clark Farm in Carlisle

This week's Farmer Focus: Clark Farm in Carlisle

This summer we are thrilled to offer organic products from Clark Farm in Carlisle! We were fortunate to catch up with the farm manager, Andrew Rodgers, who took time from his busy summer schedule to speak with us about farming and some of his favorite items to grow.


Rodgers, 45, has been farming for nearly 20 years. He grew up in Newton and attended the University of Massachusetts at Amherst for his undergraduate degree and a graduate degree in the soil sciences.

“I wanted a career that benefitted the environment. I was an idealist,” he said. Later, he added, “I’m still an optimist. Growing organically and partnering with Russo's shows that we are on the right path.”

When Rodgers began working at Clark Farm in 2012, he wanted to focus on creating a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture program); working with and hiring local students for employment on the farm; and creating a Certified Organic Farm. He has achieved those goals and now he is expanding many of the products he carries on the farm, such as Asian crops, including Bitter Melon.

“One of the fun parts of being a CSA farmer is that the crop selection evolves with customer demands,” he said, explaining that many of the CSA member are of Indian and Chinese descent. “I love learning to grow new things to me and working with a customer base that’s so excited about their food.”



Rodgers shows us the organic Bitter Melon which is in the last stages of development before harvesting.

Clark Farm has a CSA program, a farm market, as well as Pick-Your-Own options including berries and flowers.


At Russo’s, we are excited about Clark Farm’s expanding certified organic options which we are able to to supple to our customers!

Andrew Rodgers and his daughter Phoebe, who works at Clark Farm Market, walk the fields of Clark Farm in Carlisle.