Introducing Russo Boxes

Introducing Russo Boxes

Two months ago, we created Russo Boxes with the simple goal of providing fresh fruits, vegetables and Russo products to our customers in an easy and socially-distanced way. We have wanted to create Russo Boxes for a long time, but this current health crisis made us speed up the process far more quickly than we ever expected.

We have a new Russo Box website where you may select your date and time for curbside pickup. Currently, we have more than 12 Russo Boxes available for curbside pickup with some extra holiday boxes added for special events. Here is a discount code if you would like to try one of our Russo Boxes.

Paul Sullivan, the wealth matters columnist for The New York Times, included Russo’s and Russo Boxes in a recent story about business decisions in this challenging time. The Boston Globe included us in their story about local stores and restaurants offering Curbside Pickup.

We hope that you remain safe and healthy during this very difficult time! We are trying our best during challenging circumstances and we truly appreciate your encouragement, enthusiasm and understanding!

If you have questions about Russo Boxes, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page. Thank you!