Specials July 13th to 21st

Locally grown sunflowers in our retail store.

Locally grown sunflowers in our retail store.


Welcome to the Russo’s Weekly Newsletter. This week at our store, enjoy our SUMMER PLANT SALE! Now is the time to enjoy these beautiful premium quality locally grown plants and flowers for 20% off! Selected items include Yew, Juniper, Cypress, Rhododendron and fruit trees! These beautiful plants are grown in New England!

And now for this week’s Specials!



Russo's offers the freshest, highest quality and most affordable Organics available in the market.

Our local organic products come from local farms such as: Clark Farm in Carlisle, Kitchen Garden Farm in Sunderland, Queens Greens in Amherst and Buckle Farm in Unity, Maine. These farmers are committed to providing the freshest, highest quality and delicious organic produce. Enjoy!

Organic fresh cut local lettuce $1.98 each

Organic local zucchini and summer squash $1.98 lb.

Organic locally grown lettuce

Organic locally grown lettuce



Extra fancy fresh California Jumbo cantaloupes $2.98 each

Fresh crisp local Red leaf, Green leaf, Boston and Romaine lettuce $1.98 head

Extra large crisp fresh picked peppers $1.49 lb.

Premium quality fresh firm flavorful on the vine and hot house tomatoes $1.98 lb.

Fresh dug premium quality red, white and Yukon potatoes $.98 lb.



Spinach pasta $6.98 lb.



Fresh local strawberry and rhubarb pie $13.98 each

Summer cupcakes 6 for $5.98

Fresh fruit tart $19.98 each



Tropical seared salmon with a house-prepared mango salsa served with two side vegetables $19.98 per full serving

Traditional New England crab cakes $4.98 each



Treccione Cheese: a premium quality smoked mozzarella from Italy $11.98 lb.

Jarlsberg Cheese: a world class cheese with international acclaim $9.98 lb.

Farmers and Cooks simple turkey $10.98 lb.

Veroni Porchetta Toscano imported from Italy $9.98 lb.



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Happy, colorful, easy-to-grow Zinnias at Russo’s.

Happy, colorful, easy-to-grow Zinnias at Russo’s.