Specials July 3-8


Fresh local plants and flowers are available daily. Products include: lilacs, juniper, rhododendrons, hews, mountain laurel, perennials, annuals, patio planters, window boxes, hangers, organic soils, mulch and much more.



Russo's offers the freshest, highest quality and most affordable Organics available in the market.

Organic local Red leaf, Green leaf, Boston and romaine Lettuce $1.89 each

Organic fresh crisp broccoli $2.49 lb.

Organic sweet California strawberries 1 lb. package $3.98 each



Local Fresh tender hand-picked Green beans $1.49 lb.

Local Red leaf, Green leaf, Boston and Romaine lettuce $1.49  each

Fresh firm flavorful on the vine tomatoes and hot house tomatoes $2.49 lb.

Extra fancy fresh-picked local summer and zucchini squash $.79 lb.

Fresh-picked sweet Carolina peaches $1.98 lb.



Lemon basil linguini $5.98 lb.



Strawberry rhubarb pie $11.98 each

Ricotta pie slices $2.49 each

Whoopee pie 6 for $5.98



Traditional New England crab cakes $4.98 each

Flank steak prepared with a robust balsamic sauce $15.98 lb.



Beemster graskaas cheese from Holland, a very special gouda made with milk of the Beemster cattle and considered the creamiest milk of the year $13.98 lb.

Oakwood smoked cheddar: some consider it the best smoked cheddar from England $7.98 lb.

Cara donna hot and sweet Capocollo $5.98

Deutchmacher Bologna $4.98 lb.


Russo's will be open on Fourth of July from 8am-4pm

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