Russo's Food News + Specials

Happy Fourth of July! We love celebrating our nation's Independence Day with family and friends.

July is such a beautiful time of the year in New England and the harvesting of local crops has begun. We have already seen gorgeous Native Strawberries from Massachusetts and just after the holiday weekend, we will receive corn from one of our favorite farms in Connecticut! 

We know you have been waiting...and we are happy to announce that Sunflowers and Native Plants such as Native Flowering Raspberry Bushes and Native Hydrangeas are here! Is there a better indication that summer has arrived?

When you head to the beach this holiday, remember to bring healthy, delicious summer snacks such as grapes and peaches. And when you are a guest at a cookout, bring a gift to the host! Corn and watermelon are always appreciated...and see our latest "Tony Tip" below for another suggestion!

In case you missed them, here are this week's Specials

Tony Russo writes a newsletter to our wholesale customers each week about conditions and prices of the fruit and vegetable markets around the United States. Here is what he wrote about our eastern markets and what you can expect:

"The eastern vegetable markets are, if anything, interesting. Prices and product
availability seemingly change with cloud cover. Green Bean prices are on the rise
again bringing the whole Bean family with them. Green Pepper prices are about
the same, along with Cucumbers, Eggplant, and tender and hard Squash. The
Round Tomato markets are going up. Prices for east coast Tomatoes will
remain on the high side for a few more weeks. The eastern new crop of Potatoes
continues to be one of the highlights of the season. The domestic and Canadian
storage crops have been an excellent source of high quality, money saving
resources for months. Sadly, the season is coming to an end...The eastern fruit markets are now very, very, close to home. In fact, they are home as the season’s first few weekends of Strawberries are being harvested. The Blueberry crop is underway in New Jersey with the very predictable flurry of interest and high prices for the first weeks of harvesting. The Peach crop in the Carolina’s could not be any better. Prices remain on the high-side for larger sizes and much more reasonable for smaller sized fruit."

Have a wonderful holiday!

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Russo's Food News + Specials

Summertime is definitely here and that means we have peaches at Russo's! Our delicious peaches come from Titan Farms in South Carolina. Titan Farms is considered one of the best peach growers in the country - and it is located close to where Tony Russo picked peaches when he was a child. See our "Tony Tip" below on these special peaches.

Our garden department receives shipments of plants every day - and this week we are enjoying a robust arrival of perennials from around New England! Take a look at our store this weekend.

Have you ever wondered how to make sure your plants stay bright and cheerful all summer long? Tony Russo's latest Tony Tip shows how vibrant flowers (like our Dahlias from Michael's Greenhouse in Cheshire, Connecticut) grow even better when you do something called "deadheading." Deadheading? Is that something you do at a @Deadandcompany concert? No! Check out our latest Tony Tip on deadheading below. Also, did you know that you can cut flowers to put in a vase from your Dahlia plant? And it actually helps the plants grow! Learn about this method in another Tony Tip below.

And in case you missed them earlier this week, here are our Russo's Specials:


Russo's fresh local and domestic imported plants and flowers arrive daily. Our products include hews, junipers, rhododendrons, Japanese Andromeda, boxwood, Japanese maple, herbs, perennials, annuals, planters, window boxes, hangers, organic soils, organic fertilizers, mulch and much more.


Russo's offers the freshest, highest quality and most affordable Organics available in the market.

Organic fresh cut local Red leaf, Green leaf and Romaine lettuce $1.98 each

Organic fresh crisp California broccoli $2.49 lb.

Fresh sweet organic strawberries 1lb. package $3.98 each


Native fresh-picked Massachusetts strawberries $5.98 quart

Fresh picked extra large Carolina peaches $1.98 lb.

Premium quality freshly harvested California cantaloupes $2.98 each

Fresh firm flavorful hot house and on the vine tomatoes $1.98 lb.

Fresh cut local Red leaf, Green leaf, Boston and Romaine lettuce $1.49 each


Truffle penne pasta $5.98


Raspberry crostata $18.98 each

Peach galette $18.98 each

Traditional shortcake biscuits 6 for $4.98 each


Salmon burgers: tender and moist prepared with lettuce, tomato and mango salsa $7.98 each

Gold beet and fennel salad with diced gold beets and shaved fennel prepared with a honey champagne vinaigrette $7.98 lb.


Pecorino al tartufo combining two heralded products to produce a superbly flavorful robust Italian cheese $19.98 lb.

Boerankaas the famous raw cow’s milk cheese from Holland  - the cheese the Dutch try to keep to themselves - some consider the perfect table cheese $12.98 lb.

Cara donna Virginia ham $7.98 lb.

Boston brisket co pastrami $11.98 lb.

Russo's Food News + Specials

Native Strawberries are here at Russo's! Our Native Strawberries are grown on small farms in western Massachusetts. Enjoy this exciting time of the late spring/early summer season! And it is no coincidence that we have homemade shortcake biscuits on special this week. Just add strawberries to the shortcake biscuits and you have a fun, easy, delicious dessert!

Corn has arrived in time for Father's Day! We drive to a Georgia farm several times a week to pick up this delicious fresh corn! As the summer progresses, the corn will be coming from our local farmers.

Our latest "Tony Tip" on melons is below! We also have a "Tony Tip" on rhubarb. Rhubard may be intimidating but Tony Russo explains how to choose the best ones! So take a look at the bottom of this newsletter for your Tony Tips

Here are our Specials thru June 17:


Russo's offers the freshest, highest quality and most affordable Organics available in the market.

Organic fresh crisp California broccoli $2.49 lb.

Organic Fresh jumbo white California  cauliflower $2.98 each

Organic Premium quality apples $1.89 lb.

Organic local red leaf, green leaf and romaine lettuce $1.98 each


Fresh extra fancy fresh picked Carolina peaches $2.49 lb.

Fresh firm flavorful on the vine and hot house beefsteak tomatoes $1.98 lb.

Fresh sweet California cantaloupes $2.98 each

Fresh cut local red leaf, green leaf, boston and romaine lettuce $1.49 each


Tomato basil penne…………………………………………………….$5.98 lb.


Try our artisan, breads,  pastries and desserts

Raspberry Crosata $18.98 each

Rum baba $3.29 each

Shortcake biscuits 6 for $4.98


Tender flank steak sliced and dressed with chiffonade basil and balsamic $15.98 lb.

Barbecue spare ribs $10.98 lb.


Honey bee goat gouda imported from Holland, slightly sweet cashew nutty flavor $11.98 lb.

Boerenkaas, the famous raw cow’s milk cheese from Holland - the cheese the Dutch try keep to themselves. Some consider this the perfect table cheese $12.98 lb.

Thumann’s hickory smoked turkey breast $10.49 lb.

Ferrarini mortadella with pistachio nuts imported from Italy $5.98 lb.

Spring Plants

Our fresh, local, domestic and imported plants arrive daily. Our products include fragrant Lilacs, Azaleas, Rhododendrons, Mountain Laurel, Japanese Andromeda, Flowering Trees, Fragrant Floribunda Roses, Herbs, (Organic) Perennials, Annuals, Pollinator Plants, Vegetable Plants, Geraniums, Mandevilla, Hibiscus, Patio Planters, Window Boxes, Hangers, Organic Soils, Mulch and Much Much More! 

"Friends of Bees" + Pollinator-Friendly Plants at Russo's!

We are thrilled to announce that Russo's will host Friends of Bees and Garden in the Woods on Saturday, June 9!

Friends of Bees of Watertown will answer questions and provide information about Bees from 10am-4pm

Garden in the Woods will show their pollinator kits (and accept orders for them!) and answer questions about Pollinator-Friendly Plants from Noon-3pm.

We have just received a gorgeous new shipment of Pollinator-Friendly Plants at Russo's which are available for sale. The plants include Red Twig Dogwood, Sweetspire, Strawberries, Flowering Raspberries, Native Hydrangea, Grasses, Native Geraniums, Flowering Trumpet Honeysuckle and more! These are all Pollinator-Friendly and Pesticide-Free Plants!


Welcome to our Updated Website!

Welcome to our updated Russo’s website! 

We hope you will enjoy taking a look at our products, photographs and a brief history of our family business. We have added some fun sections like “News at Russo’s,” which includes our favorite "Tony Tips" on how-to prepare popular and, perhaps, intimidating fruits and vegetables.

We have added a new online e-commerce section which will allow you to purchase select items at Russo’s and pick them up in our store (or our Russo's Tote which will ship to anywhere in the United States).

We also have two new ways to buy Russo's online:

BloomNation now delivers Russo’s flowers, arrangements and bouquets 

Mercato which delivers (almost) everything in our store! Mercato delivers a radius of up to 16 miles from Russo’s. Or you may order on Mercato to pick-up in our store. 

We are very excited about BloomNation and Mercato!

In addition to these changes, we also have a “Specials” section which will be emailed to you if you would like to continue to receive our emails.

Please take a look at our website And send us comments if you have any! You may always email me directly at

Thank you!

Karen Russo

We finished our website! HOORAY!

We finished our website! HOORAY!