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Happy Fourth of July! We love celebrating our nation's Independence Day with family and friends.

July is such a beautiful time of the year in New England and the harvesting of local crops has begun. We have already seen gorgeous Native Strawberries from Massachusetts and just after the holiday weekend, we will receive corn from one of our favorite farms in Connecticut! 

We know you have been waiting...and we are happy to announce that Sunflowers and Native Plants such as Native Flowering Raspberry Bushes and Native Hydrangeas are here! Is there a better indication that summer has arrived?

When you head to the beach this holiday, remember to bring healthy, delicious summer snacks such as grapes and peaches. And when you are a guest at a cookout, bring a gift to the host! Corn and watermelon are always appreciated...and see our latest "Tony Tip" below for another suggestion!

In case you missed them, here are this week's Specials

Tony Russo writes a newsletter to our wholesale customers each week about conditions and prices of the fruit and vegetable markets around the United States. Here is what he wrote about our eastern markets and what you can expect:

"The eastern vegetable markets are, if anything, interesting. Prices and product
availability seemingly change with cloud cover. Green Bean prices are on the rise
again bringing the whole Bean family with them. Green Pepper prices are about
the same, along with Cucumbers, Eggplant, and tender and hard Squash. The
Round Tomato markets are going up. Prices for east coast Tomatoes will
remain on the high side for a few more weeks. The eastern new crop of Potatoes
continues to be one of the highlights of the season. The domestic and Canadian
storage crops have been an excellent source of high quality, money saving
resources for months. Sadly, the season is coming to an end...The eastern fruit markets are now very, very, close to home. In fact, they are home as the season’s first few weekends of Strawberries are being harvested. The Blueberry crop is underway in New Jersey with the very predictable flurry of interest and high prices for the first weeks of harvesting. The Peach crop in the Carolina’s could not be any better. Prices remain on the high-side for larger sizes and much more reasonable for smaller sized fruit."

Have a wonderful holiday!

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