Russo's Food News + Specials

Summertime is definitely here and that means we have peaches at Russo's! Our delicious peaches come from Titan Farms in South Carolina. Titan Farms is considered one of the best peach growers in the country - and it is located close to where Tony Russo picked peaches when he was a child. See our "Tony Tip" below on these special peaches.

Our garden department receives shipments of plants every day - and this week we are enjoying a robust arrival of perennials from around New England! Take a look at our store this weekend.

Have you ever wondered how to make sure your plants stay bright and cheerful all summer long? Tony Russo's latest Tony Tip shows how vibrant flowers (like our Dahlias from Michael's Greenhouse in Cheshire, Connecticut) grow even better when you do something called "deadheading." Deadheading? Is that something you do at a @Deadandcompany concert? No! Check out our latest Tony Tip on deadheading below. Also, did you know that you can cut flowers to put in a vase from your Dahlia plant? And it actually helps the plants grow! Learn about this method in another Tony Tip below.

And in case you missed them earlier this week, here are our Russo's Specials:


Russo's fresh local and domestic imported plants and flowers arrive daily. Our products include hews, junipers, rhododendrons, Japanese Andromeda, boxwood, Japanese maple, herbs, perennials, annuals, planters, window boxes, hangers, organic soils, organic fertilizers, mulch and much more.


Russo's offers the freshest, highest quality and most affordable Organics available in the market.

Organic fresh cut local Red leaf, Green leaf and Romaine lettuce $1.98 each

Organic fresh crisp California broccoli $2.49 lb.

Fresh sweet organic strawberries 1lb. package $3.98 each


Native fresh-picked Massachusetts strawberries $5.98 quart

Fresh picked extra large Carolina peaches $1.98 lb.

Premium quality freshly harvested California cantaloupes $2.98 each

Fresh firm flavorful hot house and on the vine tomatoes $1.98 lb.

Fresh cut local Red leaf, Green leaf, Boston and Romaine lettuce $1.49 each


Truffle penne pasta $5.98


Raspberry crostata $18.98 each

Peach galette $18.98 each

Traditional shortcake biscuits 6 for $4.98 each


Salmon burgers: tender and moist prepared with lettuce, tomato and mango salsa $7.98 each

Gold beet and fennel salad with diced gold beets and shaved fennel prepared with a honey champagne vinaigrette $7.98 lb.


Pecorino al tartufo combining two heralded products to produce a superbly flavorful robust Italian cheese $19.98 lb.

Boerankaas the famous raw cow’s milk cheese from Holland  - the cheese the Dutch try to keep to themselves - some consider the perfect table cheese $12.98 lb.

Cara donna Virginia ham $7.98 lb.

Boston brisket co pastrami $11.98 lb.