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Artisan Cheeses

At Russo’s, we strive to bring traditional cheeses from around the globe to your table in peak condition. France, Italy, Spain, Great Britain and Portugal have a culture of hand-made artisan cheese that stretches back many hundreds of years. In the US and Canada, each year new dairies and cheese companies open. We select the best of these to offer to our customers at fair prices.

New producers bring their cheese to market each week as the artisan cheese movement takes hold in New England, and we work with these small farms to showcase their best work and encourage the production of quality local cheese. To accompany these fine cheeses, we carry the traditional condiments andgarnishes-Membrillo, Marcona Almonds, dense fig cake and Olive Oil Tortas.

We can speak of wine pairings, menus, and tailor a cheese plate for your special occasion or event. Experience the synergy that has made wine and cheese pairings synonymous with fine dining for centuries.

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Before you place an order, please inform us if a person in your party has food allergies

Quite literally, there are too many cheeses in our store at any given time to mention each one, yet there are perennial standards that we always have at hand.


The most famous of cheese, Parmigianno Reggiano, always cut fresh from a DOP certified wheel; Pecorino Romano, Taleggio San Antonio, Robiola due Latte, Gorgonzola, Sottocenere al Tartuffo, Aurecchio Provolone and Mandaroni Provolone.

At least three different Bries, including Brie de Meaux, a full flavored brie from Ile-de-France that is rare to find properly ripened; Fleur du Maquis, a wide assortment of Chevre, Camembert, Roquefort, Fourme d’Ambert, Comte, Gruyere, Blue d’Auvergne, Epoisse, Delice de Bourgogne, and Saint Agur.

The famous Manchego from La Mancha, but also lesser known and highly prized cheeses like Montenebro, Garrotxa, Mahon, and Cabrales. To accompany these fine cheeses, we carry the traditional condiments and garnishes— Membrillo, Marcona Almonds, dense fig cake and Olive Oil Tortas.

United States
We carry the deservedly famous cheddars from Cabot and Grafton Village, but also a carefully selected handful of great American cheeses: Bayley Hazen from Japer Hill Farms in Vermont, Humboldt Fog from Cypress Dairy in California, Maytag Blue from the Maytag Farm in Iowa, and Great Hill Blue from Marion, Massachusetts.

Great Britain
Colston Bassett Stilton,Nealā's Yard Dairy

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